SmileFast UK Direct Smile Makeover Course
28th August 2021
Location: in your own clinic
Be one of the first Dentists trained in Australia to be able to use the SmileFast system
A revolutionary new approach to anterior smile design and direct composite smile provision.
Help patients reach the smile of their dreams at a price they can all afford.
Faster, enjoyable for both you and the patient while being more profitable.

SmileFast UK is the ground-breaking new development in smile design, trial smile preview, refinement of the smile and provision of smile makeovers. 

SmileFast UK brings together the three essential pillars of modern cosmetic dentistry: 

Orthodontics, Ceramics, and Composite. 


SmileFast UK helps both dentists and patients by informing and guiding the treatment planning, allowing them to quickly visualise their new smile, help them understand the journey and then deliver life-changing results. 

Learning Outcomes:

Develop a protocol for proficient treatment planning and communication with patients 

Learn how to introduce the idea of a smile make-over to your patients and how to approach their questions 

Learn the stages of SmileFast UK and understand the requirements for each stage 

Understand and practice how to carry out a full SmileFast UK Direct case in a lifelike scenario 

Create a composite smile makeover using dental composites 

Gain knowledge of factors causing fractures of composites and environmental degradation of composites 

See how photography can easily integrate into your daily practice to become a powerful tool in both patient communication and consent, as well as self development through careful constructive evaluation of your dental work. 

Use your learnings to benefit your patients and develop your clinical practice 

Develop the ability to critique the literature and review the results, and to apply the knowledge gained from the course in developing your clinical and communication skills. 

Know how to prepare multiple teeth 

Challenge yourself and finish knowing you're a better dentist!

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